JR-85 Laboratory oilless Oil-free electric diaphragm vacuum pump


JR series diaphragm vacuum pump

1, features

JR series diaphragm vacuum pump in oil under the condition of continuous operation, low noise, high work efficiency, long service life, our company product type is rich, has a range of different applications, useful as a solvent filtration suction pump, rotary evaporation instrument supporting the high vacuum pump, and the positive and negative pressure type pump, vacuum pump and compressor has two functions, greatly reduce your lab procurement cost.

2,The main advantages are:

a,  vacuum stability, adjustable pressure

b ,has the advantages of small volume, light weight

c, easy to use, no oil, clean without pollution

d, long lasting work steadily, continuously 24 hours of operation

e, repair and maintenance simple, can conduct operation


3,Technical  Date

Model JR-85 JR-85L JR-95D JR-85DL
Pumping  speed(L/min) 30 30 30 60
Ultimate Pressure(Mpa) 0.085








Positive pressure(Psi) 40 40
Level number 1 1 1 1
Motor power(W) 160 160 160 160
Dimensions(mm) 250×135×210 250×135×210 315×135×210 315×135×210
Weight 7.5 8 10 10
Diaphragm material Import-resistant rubber Import-resistant rubber Import-resistant rubber Import-resistant rubber
The noise(dBA) <50 <50 <50 <50
Function Negative pressure Positive and negative pressure type Negative pressure Positive and negative pressure type