Screw Vacuum Pump


Working Principle
In the pump body of the dry screw vacuum pump, the two switching screw rotation is rotated at a high speed in the opposite direction. The medium gas is inhaled between the pump body and the screw chamber, and is transported to the exhaust port after compression. In this process, the screw rotor will not contact each other and does not contact the pump cavity.

Main Feature
■ The screw is a variable screw (unconventional gradient screw), and the maximum vacuum can reach 1 Pa.
■ The screw is processed by cylindrical bar, high density, abrasion resistance, and strong combination with anticorrosive coating.
■ The hardness of the screw can reach HRC50 after treatment, which can truly achieve wear resistance and corrosion. The surface hardness after the traditional bar is mixed with ≦ HRC20 (HB190).
■ The screw pump adopts two -terminal support plus the oil lubrication structure on both sides. The imported brand bearing lubrication is reliable and longer.
■ The sealing of the screw pump is composed of three composite seals and a nitrogen sealing. The sealing structure is safe and reliable.
■ The discharge structure design of the screw pump bottom, there is no effusion in the pump cavity, and there is no material after cleaning.
■ The front and back of the screw pump, the pump body, and the muffler have a cooling of the cooler, the exhaust temperature is lower, and the overall operation is more stable.