Precautions for start-up of oil lubricated rotary vane pump in winter cold weather | Vacuum Pump Vacuum System Solution Suppiler

At low temperature, the lubricating oil will become very viscous, and even sand and ice will form. At this time, starting the rotary vane pump will cause motor starting current to be too high or even burned, shaft seal to be torn or damaged, coupling to be damaged or even shaft to be twisted.

When the oil rotary vane pump is started at 5~10 ℃, it can be powered for several times by inching and then run continuously.

It must be avoided to directly start the oil rotary vane pump in an environment lower than 5 ℃. If it needs to be used intermittently at low temperature, it can be kept running to avoid low temperature.

When starting, you can also put the Shanghai Jiuran vacuum pump in the room with high temperature for a period of time, start and open the gas pump for more than half an hour, then transfer it to the outside and start it immediately.