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JR-1 single stage vacuum pump


JR series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

1. features:

a ,oil return design

Air inlet passage for the special design, can prevent the pump is stopped pumping oil reflux and pollution by pumping the container and pipe.

B,environmental protection design

Tank for layer is disposed, and the exhaust port is arranged on the oil and gas separating device, without fuel and reduce oil mist pollution.

C, aluminum alloy electric machine casing

Motor with aluminum alloy shell, has high heat efficiency, ensure the long time continuous normal operation, and has good appearance quality.

D,integrated design

With the pump adopts the integrated design, make the product more compact and reasonable.

E ,large starting torque

This product in the low temperature environment for the special design, guarantee in winter temperature is low in the case of normal starting.

F ,the use of shockproof rubber feet, reducing vibration and noise

2.Technical Data