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JRV18 Two Stage vacuum pump



JRV series rotary vane vacuum pump, with the first cylinder external, do heat dissipation with the help of oil cooling and air cooling, have advantages of  high speed, low temperature, low noise, compact structure, convenient starting.

Excellent structure and performance:

1) No rotary vane spring selection  to avoid  unexpected pump stop caused by spring break.

2)  Forced feed lubrication of built-in oil pump can make the pump operating continuously and stably for a long time at the atmospheric pressure.

3) Hydraulic type oil countercurrent prevent institutions. In a oil pump check valve, minimize  backflow of oil into the pump to solve the problems that  the power outage or unexpected  pump stop then oil flow into the pump body cause hard restarting.

4) Variable oil quantity, this type pump  expands  the fuel quantity indication range to get easy oil management.



Coating ,lighting, refrigeration, vacuum drying, freeze drying, solar energy, instruments analysis, leak detection equipment ,packaging and heat treatment metallurgy etc.

Technical parameter:





Pumping Rate



50Hz 30(500) M³/h(L/min)
60Hz 36(600)

Margin Pressure


Gas Ballast Close 6.7X10-1 Pa
Gas Ballast Open 2.0
Motor Power (3 phrase,4 poles) 1.5 kW
Motor Speed 50Hz 1400 r/min
Oil Required Upper Limit 1.2 L
Lower Limit 2.8
Connection Diameter VG40 mm
Outlet Diameter KF40 DN
Weight 63 kg