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JZJ Roots Vacuum Pump


I. Operating Principle

  1. In the pump body of Roots vacuum pump, two three-blade rotors are installed in parallel in the pump body, and the two three-blade rotors operate in opposite directions. Through the rotation of the two three-blade rotors, the medium gas is sucked in, compressed and transported to the inlet of the next stage vacuum pump.
  2.  The two three-blade rotors do not contact each other or the pump body. Therefore, there is no need to add any lubricating fluid or working fluid in the pump cavity, which can also be called dry roots vacuum pump.
  3.  Figures I to IV below show the process of two three-blade rotors rotating in the pump cavity and completing primary suction and exhaust






II. Main Features

  1. The rotors are all three-blade rotors. Compared with the traditional two-blade rotors, the extraction efficiency is higher, the temperature rise is lower, the noise is low, the vibration is small, and the stability is better.
  2.  The end cover adopts hollow air cooling design, the oil tank cover adopts water cooling design, and the pump operating temperature is lower.
  3. Both ends of Roots pump are lubricated by oil. The bearing lubrication is reliable and the service life is longer.
  4.  Roots pump seal adopts shaft end mechanical seal plus internal composite seal, and the seal structure is safe and reliable.
  5. Roots pump is generally used as booster pump and is not recommended to be used alone.

III. Parameters

Model JZJ-70 JZJ-150 JZJ-300 JZJ-600 JZJ-1200 JZJ-2500
Speed  ( M3/H, 50HZ ) 250 540 1080 2160 4320 9000
Speed  ( L/S , 50HZ) 70 150 300 600 1200 2500
Vacuum(Pa) 5×102 5×102 5×102 5×102 5×102 5×102
Maximum allowable differential pressure (Pa) 12000 10000 8000 6000 5000 4000
motor speed(r/min) 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900 2900
inlet(mm) 80 100 160 200 250 320
outlet(mm) 50 80 100 160 200 250
weight(KG) 87 198 290 490 790 1550
power(kW) 1.5(2.2) 3 4 5.5(7.5) 11 18.5
recommended pre-stage oil pump 2X-15 2X-30 2X-70 2X-70×2 JZJ-300+2X-70 JZJ-600+2X-70*2
recommended pre-stage screw pump JSP-180 JSP-280 JSP-540 JSP-540 JZJ-300+JSP-540 JZJ-600+2X-70*2

IV. Pumping Curve(work with screw vacuum pump)