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Small Oil-free Wind Cool Dry Screw Vacuum Pump


The dry compound screw vacuum pump is a new type of environmentally friendly vacuum pump developed by our company based on the absorption of many foreign vacuum pumps and using compound screw technology. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, light weight, convenient use, and reliable performance. The future development direction of vacuum pumps.

Pharmaceutical technology, chemical technology, solvent recovery, medical equipment, biological products, oil and gas recovery,

Thin film preparation, biochemical detection and analysis, semiconductor, microelectronics, solar energy, material processing and other related equipment and process flow

High initial vacuum (generally the initial vacuum of screw pumps is very low, and the ultimate vacuum can only be reached after a long time of pumping)

Oil-free, water-free and pollution-free, it is very clean, and the pumped materials can be recycled.

Variable pitch energy saving technology can reduce energy consumption

Light weight and low noise

Model unit JLG-20 JLG-50 JLG-80
speed m3/hr 20 50 80
Vacuum Pa <=5 <=5 <=10
Power KW 1.1 1.5 2.2
speed rpm            2800             2800              2840
inlet KF25 KF40 KF40
outlet KF25 KF25 KF25
wind cool
lubricating Anti-wear hydraulic oil, synthetic gear oil or fluorinated oil
inlet(HV) Magnetic seal,
outlet(LV) Magnetic seal, magnetic seal + PTFE shaft seal
noise dB 72 75 75
weight kg 55 90 110