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Electrical Vacuum Cold Trap


JCT series vacuum cold trap

Usage Overview

A cold trap is a trap that traps gas by condensation on the cooled surface. A device that uses physical or chemical methods to reduce the partial pressure of harmful components in the gas and steam mixture is called a trap (or trap). A device that can be placed between a vacuum container and a pump to absorb gas or catch oil vapor.

Product Features

※ It can capture the water vapor and harmful gas discharged from the vacuum drying box or vacuum concentration device, improve the working efficiency of the vacuum equipment, significantly reduce the steam intake of the vacuum pump, and extend the service life of the vacuum pump;

※ The cold trap temperature adopts digital display mode, which is convenient to determine the starting time of the vacuum pump and prevent water from being pumped into the pump;

※ The cold trap is made of stainless steel, which is durable and can be used for water system and ethanol system experiments (acid system and organic solvent system experiments need to be customized);

※ The cold trap is a desktop instrument, which can be placed on or under the test bench, and can be used in the fume hood;

※ It can be used together with vacuum pump, rotary evaporator and centrifugal concentration device;

※ It can be used in the drying system of capacitor, battery pole piece and battery core, and can be used as pre-freezing tank and low-temperature tank;

※ Cavity cooling mode is adopted, and the captured liquid is easy to discharge and clean. The standard drain valve is equipped to facilitate the discharge of the collected liquid.

Technical parameter

Model JCT-2003S JCT-4003S
Voltage AC220V  50Hz AC220V  50Hz
Cook Compressor refrigeration Compressor refrigeration
Min Temperature -20℃ -40℃
Power 200W 400W
Work Chamber W*D(mm) Ф150*200(can customize) Ф150*200(can customize)
Work Volume 3L 3L
Digital Temperature option  option
Tank Material stainless steel stainless steel