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Shanghai JiuRan rotary vane vacuum pump oil pump vacuum pump maintenance steps

Generally, in order to prolong the service life of rotary vane vacuum pump, it is suggested that customers do regular maintenance according to the actual conditions. Generally, it should be maintained for 8-12 months. In special cases (eg non-ordinary air or impurities in gas or Oil color changed), shorten the vacuum pump The maintenance cycle.
Maintenance vacuum pump: For vacuum oil, for exhaust filter, for oil filter, gas impurities need better intake filter.

1. Shanghai JiuRan vacuum pump to run until the pump temperature reached 70 ℃-80℃, shut down for vacuum oil.
2. unscrew the oil switch (drain valve) drain oil, put the oil drain valve closed.
3. restart the Shanghai JiuRan vacuum pump, run down immediately after a few seconds, repeat step 2 once.
4. replace the exhaust filter and oil filter.
5. from the refueling port after the new vacuum oil boot (usually added to the gas mirror 3/4).





6. if the pump oil dirty, need cleaning, simple cleaning as follows: Close the air inlet, add new oil after running a few minutes, and then repeat steps 1,2,3.
The above operation is completed, after adding a new vacuum oil run a few minutes, shut down, turn off the power.

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